This is a working list of errors in The Production of Books in England, 1350-1400, ed. Alexandra Gillespie and Daniel Wakelin (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011). Readers who wish to alert us to other errors are welcome to email these to me.

p. 1, l. 3 and p. 362, l. 27, de Guileville: de Deguileville

p. 101, n. 51 Echard: Butterfield

p. 105, l. 25, and p. 123, l. 17, de Guileville’s: de Deguileville’s

p. 123, l. 24, Dropes: Dropys; .al: al

p. 124, l. 2, cesterne: cisterne; l. 3, dropes: dropys

p. 197, l. 8, lewdnesse: lewdenesse; l. 30, oght: oghte; l. 31, eyn: yen; l. 32 dawsed: daswed

p. 311, l. 45, an article is incorrectly ascribed here to Echard, Sian; it should be listed under Butterfield, Ardis

p. 362, l. 27-28, the entry De Deguileville should appear after De Brugge.

p. 370, l. 37-39, the entry for pen should appear before ‘Pepysian model book’